Wood Fuel

This video was done for the international “Wood and Humanity” competition which was sponsored by the International Wood Culture Society. My task was to make a video that combines wood with humanity. My first approach was to just make an animation about wood. Later on it got changed and I had to add more depth in it. My solution was to make a video about wood fuel which is based on a report “Forest Bioenergy in Europe”, 2014, by European Forest Institute. At first there was no minimum time limit, but that got added in the mid-competition. So I had to extend the video with a song in the end which was done by Ian Pettersson. He also did the voiceover. I learned on how to handle a huge project myself and how to work with time management. "Wood Fuel" received an Honorary Mention Award at the video contest "Wood and Humanity" sponsored by the International Wood Culture Society (http://www.iwcs.com).